How do I become confident?


Confidence! Every woman wants it. Some admire it in others, many get jealous.

Why is it so important to us? Because its a sign of maturity among women. Its a badge of honor and respect.

Now, I’m not talking about Pride or Perfectionism. 

Pride and Perfectionism is the controlled/forced version of confidence. Which is not true confidence!

Confidence is the acceptance of both strength and weakness in your self. It’s the result of  letting go of control, knowing you can’t be perfect, with the maturity and joy of doing your best!

Why is being confident so hard for women?!  

Women are relational people. We were made to be in community with others. In other women/people, we get reminded of a few things, that we forget on our own.

But in today’s society, we’re taught to be independent, shallow and guarded!  {Rant warning} We were born into a family for a reason! It doesn’t matter how old you are, you always need a good community! You need people you love and trust always surrounding you!

If you don’t have community, you don’t grow (healthily), you get lonely and depressed, you have a lot of trouble and not a lot of blessings. But most importantly, you don’t get to know who you are as a person.

I believe people were meant to reflect the best in the others around them!

Confidence, in my opinion, is near impossible without community. But a lot of women out there are trying to be confident in themselves without a good healthy community surrounding them.

How to be a confident woman?! 

  1. Community! Make it a priority to make and grow a healthy strong community around you. You need the support and encouragement to feel confident in yourself.
  2. Self-CareIf you aren’t your best self how can you expect to be confident in yourself?
  3. Honesty! Do you acknowledge what you’re strengths are? Do you let yourself be proud of your accomplishments?
  4. Humility! Acknowledge that you have weaknesses. That you’re not perfect. Be willing to ask for help. Let your community step in when needed.
  5. Let go of control! You aren’t able to control everything and you need to let the control go! You can change anything or anybody but your self.
  6. Pick up self control! Be the best you you can be! Learn and always continue growing and maturing. Be willing!


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